Sound & Sight is an Ottawa based Electronics retailer. Providing all the best in the world of consumer electronics. We specialize in home theatre systems, along with Smart Home/Automation, Motorized Shades, Lighting and HVAC control. Also specializing in Interior Design, with designers on staff. Professionally installing everything we sell; we are here to provide you a seamless experience and make all your dreams a reality. With over 20 years’ experience in the industry, rest assured you’re in good hands with Sound & Sight. Bring us your dreams, we’ll do the rest!

Jason Miller


With over 25 years experience in the Audio/Video industry Jason has amassed a long-time loyal following of clients. Being customer service focused has always been one of my greatest strengths. We’re not just here to sell you a product, we’re here to support you too!
We’re adding a few new feathers to our cap this time around. Interior Design, Furniture, Kitchens and wonderful collaborations with other community partners, bring us your dreams and we’ll do the rest!
Having lived and worked in the Orleans area my entire life, I’ve always been a firm believer in “support local” initiatives throughout the community. I do my very best to live this way and I hope you’ll welcome our new venture with open arms. 
Providing all the best products and services the audio/video industry has to offer, you’re in good hands with us!
We look forward to seeing you and as always, we appreciate your continued support and referrals.

Jalila Elleuch

Interior Designer

Architecture, design, and decoration have always been my ultimate source of passion and interest. My adoration for interior design goes far and beyond falling in love with pretty things.
I truly believe that with well managed design, any space, no matter its condition, has the potentials to arouse a sense of calm, peacefulness, contentedness, and joy.
For me, it always starts with an envisioned image in my mind. In other words, it begins with an inspiration that is nurtured through a constructive combination of discussions with the clients, on the one hand, and the space in question, on the other.
I must admit that there is a fascinating, yet arresting, flow, harmony, or dialogue that exists between my vision of the space and my inner soul, that makes me translate that, with my fingertips, into the keyboard.
My main mission is to design inspiring and functional spaces where comfort always remains a priority.